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Thread: The stress of being a pop star gave her breast cancer, says Anastacia

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    Default The stress of being a pop star gave her breast cancer, says Anastacia

    Anastacia has dramatically reinvented herself because, as she says, she is wiser and - literally - older now.
    Now, the hair is tied back away from her face in a plaited chignon, both the boobs and the tummy are obscured by a discreet chiffon top while, thanks to laser eye surgery, she has ditched the glasses.
    Her skin is unlined and dewy like a teenager's. In the four years since her last studio album, Chicago-born Anastacia has gone from sexily brash to girl-next-door. Even her voice seems gentler, softer.

    Older and not a little wiser: Anastacia poses in a shot promoting her new album Heavy Rotation

    Then there are the confessions. In an industry where anyone over 25 is regarded as positively ancient, Anastacia is now determined to tell the truth. And, the truth is, that she is actually six years older than she used to say she was.
    She is celebrating her 40th birthday and she doesn't care who knows it; has recently changed record labels and found unimaginable contentment in marriage to her British bodyguard, Wayne Newton.
    It was these factors, she says, which finally allowed her to break one of the biggest taboos of the music industry and admit to deceiving the public about her age.
    'When I got my first record deal I was already 30 and my record label, Sony, said it would be better if I was younger so that a younger audience could relate to my music,' she now reveals. 'I didn't know any different so I went along with it and we told people I was six years younger than I actually was.'
    Anastacia is celebrating her 40th birthday and doesn't care who knows it

    But her doubts started setting in after her first album, Not That Kind, was a huge success in Europe and she found she was getting asked about her age all the time.
    'It was exhausting struggling to remember when I was supposed to be born and how old that made my sister and brother,' she says. Whenever you read an article about me, it gave a different age. I could never keep up with what I'd said before.
    'When I joined my new record label one of the first things I said to them was: "You know, I'm keeping it real so I'm going to tell people I'm 40."
    'There was no argument and I am so pleased to be able to come clean. It's particularly nice to be able to embrace the year 40, which is a really proud thing for me to do. I'm proud to be here, healthy and honoured to be living, I didn't want to have a big old fake birthday.'
    Her new honesty policy means she also admits to both Botox and a laser peel. Nor would she rule out having surgery in the future if she needs it. She says that however content she is in her relationship with her East-Londoner husband Wayne, whom she married a year ago, she still wants to look her best for him.
    While she may be rebelling against the notorious ageism in the pop world by admitting to her true age, that does not mean she wants to show on music videos exactly what a 40-year-old woman looks like.
    'It has become easier to slow down the ageing process and do what I call a maintenance programme. The 40s can be the new 20s.
    'I had a laser peel to try and get some of the sun damage off my face and I have had Botox a few times.
    'I last had Botox about six months ago and I like it when it's kind of wearing off.
    'The first time I had it done I felt it softened my expressions, but I still had them. But the last time I had it, it was a little stronger. I feel Botox can really help women with the lines on their face and I would also be open to something more if I needed it. But I wouldn't ever go extreme.
    'If I'm angry I want it to show on my face that I'm angry. I'm married, so I've got to make sure the husband knows I'm serious.'
    Her husband comes up a lot during our interview. For Anastacia, it is clear that marriage to Wayne has been a life-changing experience. For the first time the famously feisty singer, who was brought up by a single mother, has found someone even feistier than her. And she loves it.

    The boss: Singer Anastacia and her husband and bodyguard Wayne Newton

    'Oh, he's the boss at home,' she says. 'He still works as my bodyguard but that's because he is great at his job. I love being his wife - I love cuddling on the couch and fitting under his arm.
    'I have found this femininity in myself in my marriage. When I wore a wedding dress I kept saying: "I'm a layd-ee, I'm a layd-ee." I felt like Little Britain-ing myself all around the wedding.
    'In all my previous relationships I was the tougher one, the diva, but I ended up falling in love with someone who is a total geezer. The softer side of me has come out.'
    Wayne was in a 13-year relationship with Lorraine Elston, the mother of his two children, when he started working with Anastacia. Shortly afterwards, they broke up and Wayne went public with Anastacia.
    Lorraine publicly and bitterly denounced the singer, saying she had 'destroyed my family'. But Anastacia insists: 'His relationship ended before ours began.'
    Wayne's first job was to accompany her on trips to visit her German TV presenter boyfriend Patrice Bouedibela. And she says they were friends for more than a year before taking their relationship a stage further. 'It wasn't love at first sight and to begin with I thought he was a little snobby. But we became good friends. The attraction was in front of our faces for a long time but it wasn't something we entertained or looked at in that way.
    'The first time we kissed it took us by surprise and we cracked up laughing as it was something neither of us could take seriously. Even now I still chuckle: "Get out of here - I can't believe you are my husband."'
    Happy as they are, she reveals they have decided not to have children together. In the past, she has talked about her hopes for a family, but now she says children are no longer part of the equation.
    'The need for a child went when I realised I had met my life partner,' she says. 'I don't feel the desire or the want for a child. Wayne already has two children and that in itself is a commitment that I have taken on.
    'They are only five and 12-years-old, and they are young enough that they still need their dad, so the last thing we would need is a new baby who would need him, too.
    'It's a choice which is a sacrifice, but at the same time I don't feel like I'm sacrificing. I am enjoying being a stepmum and witnessing the love he has for his children. I'm grateful to be part of that. It's second-hand but it's better than nothing to me.
    'I don't think I'll regret my decision. I'm not looking to be an Angelina Jolie. With the career I have it doesn't really feel all that fair to the child. It's really a selfish thing to do to a child, I think. My choice is my beautiful stepsons, my loving husband and my blessed career. I'm trying not to push the envelope.'
    Anastacia has learned the hard way just what stress can do to her body. As a teenager she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, the painful condition of the digestive system, so she has always had to look after herself.
    If she ate the wrong foods or drank the wrong drinks she would be in crippling agony. When one record producer told her to lose weight, she went on a diet and ended up on a steroid drip for three weeks.
    Then, in 2004, she discovered she had breast cancer when she went for a check-up after deciding to have a breast reduction. As an optimist, she sees herself as lucky that the cancer was caught at an early stage - before she even had a lump.
    There was no history of breast cancer in her family and the singer, who is now a charity campaigner for the disease, pins the blame firmly on the stress she was under.
    'More and more women today are getting cancer which is not gene related,' she says. 'I'm sure it was stress which caused mine.
    'The not-so-great relationship I was in and my career - it all became too much for me. I'm not really made for this business. I don't really know how to be the star my record company always wanted me to be.
    'None of it feels natural to me. I can relate to girls in this industry who have gone off the rails like Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears - I think I could only cope with it at all because I was a lot older than them.
    'After the surprising success of the first album, I went straight into the second and it became a blur as I was working so hard.
    'I had a herniated vocal chord and I got what I thought were panic attacks. The cancer came soon after.'
    She has had one biopsy scare since but everything was clear, and she has now been free of cancer for nearly five years.
    And, it now turns out those 'panic attacks' were a heart condition called supraventricular tachycardia, in which the heart can have episodes of beating more than three times as fast as average. If it starts beating too fast, it can lead to fainting and Anastacia now has to take a daily pill to regulate it.
    Despite all the pain she must have been through, she is able to laugh at how she appears to be the most disease-ridden singer in the world, despite a lifetime of staying off drugs and the partying.
    'I was watching a programme about Liz Taylor the other night, about how she was often ill but would always spring back and that's just like me,' she says.
    'We all have our moments when we want to fall apart. But then you have to catch your breath and the show must go on. That's the truth about how I live my life.'

    The stress of being a pop star gave her breast cancer, says Anastacia | Mail Online

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post
    She is celebrating her 40th birthday and she doesn't care who knows it; has recently changed record labels and found unimaginable contentment in marriage to her British bodyguard, Wayne Newton.

    i watched a special on her breast cancer. she had it right after i did. i learned she also has Crohns disease. She sounds like a tough cookie.

    now, she has a bodyguard named Wayne Newton!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Wow, she has been through alot. Stress is a killer.

    As a singer though, to me she always sounded like Taylor Dane.
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    Anastacia is one of the few pop stars who is actually truly talented.

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    That poor, handsome and robust man, being saddled with that name...
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