Rocker 'Nearly Got Hung' by His Hoodie

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(Oct. 28) - There are so many hypothetical scenarios for a rocker to perish while in the process of rocking, be it a falling stack of speakers, a pyrotechnics disaster or an old fashioned drug overdose.
But if you're searching for the most ironic scenario possible, look no further than Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, who tells The Sun newspaper that he nearly kicked it two years ago after one of his trademark hooded sweatshirts, hoodies for short, got tangled up in a crowd surfing mishap.
Pete's Favorite Things: Ashlee and Hoodies

"Two years ago in Brazil I nearly died after my hoodie got twisted when I was crowd surfing," he says. "I couldn't breathe and I nearly got hung which I was probably fit for at the time."
Wentz, 29, also talks about the embarrassment of having nude photos leaked of himself in early 2006, saying he "would have done a better job" if he'd released them himself.
"It's the equivalent of someone walking in on you in the shower apart from it is on Google. It's not fun. The first thing that I would think if I saw the pictures would be that they released them themselves but it wasn't."
He adds: "I would have done a better job if I'd released them myself."

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But since these unfortunate mishaps, Wentz's fortunes have brightened. He married singer Ashlee Simspon in May and the pair are expecting a little rocker any day now. Here, now, is a selection of excerpts from the Sun interview:
The Ashlee Effect "My wife has brought a balance to my life that I could never have described to anyone. She’s the giant beam that I walk across and holds me up. But she’s also my safety net in case I fall. Being married has changed my life more than I could have imagined."
Ready for Fatherhood? "Yeah. I'm as ready as I can be. I've spoken to other dads, read the books and taken the classes with Ashlee. I'm as ready as I can be. I'm on standby at all times to go racing back if I need to. The band don't have a plan in case she goes into labor. All I know is that I'm going to be in that labor room."
Hey, Where's the Eyeliner? "As I said before, the eye-liner has now gone. I do like to trim my armpit hair though. I like to be streamline when I'm going through airports. I couldn't shave my head though. In my passport photo I look like I am carrying a bomb."
On Britney's comeback single 'Womanizer' "I think Britney’s fans really want her to win. I'm sure she'll do well. People want to see her succeed and I'm sure she'll have a hit."
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Rocker 'Nearly Got Hung' by His Hoodie