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Thread: Janet Jackson tells fans she's 'a lot better now'

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    Default Janet Jackson tells fans she's 'a lot better now'

    After postponing a string of tour dates because of migraines earlier this month, Janet Jackson is back and thanking fans for their support.

    "I want to thank you for all your messages and all your love and support when I wasn't feeling very well," the singer said in a YouTube video shot by her boyfriend Jermaine Dupri before her show in Houston Tuesday. "I'm a lot better now."

    Jackson, 42, also showed her silly side: After pretending to put rouge on Dupri's cheek as he sat in her makeup chair, she dismissed rumors that the two had split.

    "Baby, they say you broke up with me because I threw up on you," a laughing Dupri said as he held the camera.

    "How lame is that?" Jackson deadpanned. "Because you threw up on me ... Well, there's no real love there, is it?"

    Janet Jackson Tells Fans She's 'A Lot Better Now' - Music News, Janet Jackson :

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    There will be times you might leap before you look
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    yeah, well bobby dug doodles out of whitney's ass and you know how they ended up.
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    Janet's ticket sales must be up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    yeah, well bobby dug doodles out of whitney's ass and you know how they ended up.
    Yeah, with shitty crack.

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    No one cares, dumbass

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    I'm glad she's happy

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