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Thread: OMG is this Lindsay Lohan's new album cover?

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    Default OMG is this Lindsay Lohan's new album cover?

    Is This Lindsay Lohan's New Album Cover?

    Today 8:43 AM PDT by Peter Gicas
    This image is currently making its way around the Internet and alleges to be the cover art for Lindsay Lohan's next album, Spirit in the Dark, which is reportedly scheduled to drop next month.

    Whether or not it is, though, let's assume for a moment that we are looking at the real deal. Are you digging the discolike glow that surrounds Linds la Xanadu? And what's up with that red "Y" bleeding into the "H"? Is that supposed to have some profound meaning, or is it just there to be artsy-fartsy?

    Personally, we think she might simply be trying to channel her inner Barbarella in hopes of stealing the title role in the rumored remake away from Rose McGowan.

    Is This Lindsay Lohan's New Album Cover? - E! Online

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    Who is giving this screech owl studio time? The art isn't the problem. The fact she has an album is.

    The cover sucks, btw.

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    I hate that photo -- it's grotesque! Lohan looks like a statue, and not in a good way.

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    Screech Owl?? Ha ha ha haha...good one Revellinginsane.
    Her song father to daughter or whatever was ok, but she is not a singer and will never be taken seriously.
    Jack I swear.

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