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Thread: Pink urges Paris Hilton to 'quit bugging'

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    Default Pink urges Paris Hilton to 'quit bugging'

    Pink Urges Paris Hilton To 'Quit Bugging'

    Pop punk Pink is fed up of socialite Paris Hilton trying to prove the singer is wrong about her 'dumb blonde' image, two years after she poked fun at her on hit single Stupid Girls.
    Pink, real name Alecia Moore, parodies the likes of Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson in the video for the Grammy nominated 2006 track. But she reveals the celebrities are still seething about being made fun of in the promo.
    She says, "Paris Hilton is still bugging me about Stupid Girls. She came up to me in a nightclub a couple of months back and she said, 'I hope you realize that the person I seem to be in the press is really just an act and the real me is really smart'. I said, 'Just get over it. The song was like years ago. Quit bugging me.' I still take a pop at Jessica Simpson in my new video. That girl hates me. But it's just that her name happens to be a good rhyme fit for lots of lyrics..."
    However, Pink admits she has mixed feelings about the stars, because while she hates their "fake" personas, she is fascinated by how well they deal with life in the spotlight.
    She adds, "Those girls are something else. There's part of me that thinks they're such losers, but there's also a part of me that admires how they actually play the game. I'm so bad at playing the Hollywood game. I just hate all that fake stuff."

    Pink Urges Paris Hilton To 'Quit Bugging' - Starpulse Entertainment News Blog
    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    "The real me is really smart" - Lol. Too funny, Paris.

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    This coming from a woman who openly peed on the ground in front of a ton of paps? Please, she should lump herself into the Stupid Girls category.

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