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Thread: Britney Spears updates her website with rehearsal pics

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    Default Britney Spears updates her website with rehearsal pics

    Britney Spears Whips It Good

    Mon, 20 October 2008 at 5:24 pm

    Britney Spears has been working hard lately, putting hours and hours into dance rehearsals for her new routines.
    Her official website,, just posted these pictures of the 26-year-old pop princess in a purple Paige Premium Denim tank, her choreographer Andre Fuentes, and her backup dancers.
    And yes, that is Britney dancing with a whip!
    Also confirmed: Britney shot the cover for an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone. Will she look smokin’ hot in her photo spread? YOU BETCHA!!!

    UPDATE: Choreographer Wade Robson has confirmed that he’s reuniting with Britney. “She reached out to me and said she wanted to get the old team back together,” he revealed. “So we’ll go into rehearsals in January for a March start.”

    Britney Spears Whips It Good | Britney Spears : Just Jared

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    She isnt dancing, if Woomunizah is any indication. She stands around and does a stripper hair twirl several times. This is not dancing.

    She has a LONG way to go.

    Any body think she called Wade back into the fold for selfish sex reasons??

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    She's so uninteresting now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aabbcc View Post
    She's so uninteresting now.
    If only someone would send the message to HER.

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    I love her!!!

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    She looks great.

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    Her body is fucking sick! Sheesh. I don't know how the hell she got in shape that quick, but I try whatever diet she was on. Her stomach is killer. You can see it in the pic where she is pulling her shirt up slightly where she is standing alone.

    I like the Womanizer song and video. However its not her best, and she should hurry up and release "Mannequin" thats a really good song and the choregraphy she has for it, its top notch.

    Wow her and Wade huh? Thats good. He was by far her best choregrapher and definitely hot. He was the one that she CHEATED ON PAB with. Aka Justin Timberlake. Where he was whining in "Cry Me a River" He was friends with Wade too, supposedly and Wade used to do N'Sync choregraphy even though he is younger then Timberlake, anyhow he allegedy told JT that he was sleeping with Britney, and Justin broke up with her. Urban Legend had it for years that Justin had told Wade "to watch over her" while he was on tour and everything, and Britney/Wade started hooking up ever since.

    Wade is a hot looking man, and I never got the fuss over Timberlake after 2000. Never. Wade has been doing hot ass routines ever since he was 13. He was discovered when he was 6 by Michael Jackson, and went on to choregraph for Janet, Britney, N'Sync, Usher etc. He is the same age as Britney. 26. If Britney ever decides to date in the near future (and probably shouldnt) but if she does, I HOPE AND PRAY she hooks up with Wade or someone with their own shit together and money. Not a douchebag like that nasty looking paparazzi she had when she was crazy, Not fucking "I spend other peoples money for a living" like K-Fed. And not a closet case like Justin. Just a nice dude that will TRULY love her, and the kids.

    A young actor would be good.

    Or maybe a athlete. Like someone in the NBA is probably best.

    Shit, I need to pay as much attention to my love life as I did to surmising about Britneys.

    Well good luck to her and here is hoping that 2009 is the best year for her yet. She seems like a good person under all her shit.

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    i wish she'd just disappear. no talent broad.
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