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Thread: Allen Iverson can't sell six-bedroom home in Villanova, PA

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    Default Allen Iverson can't sell six-bedroom home in Villanova, PA

    Unbeknownst to me, Denver Nuggets guard Allen Iverson has been looking to sell his 14,000 square foot home in Villanova, Pennsylvania for over a year now. (A.I. usually calls me about such matters. I thought I had his financial ear.)

    According to the Wall Street Journal's Private Properties column, Iverson has dropped the price to a "desperation deal" of $3.999 million — a million less than he paid for it in 2003. (/crunches numbers on calculator watch.)

    Yep. That's not good business. The details, via Luxist:

    The six-bedroom home is on four acres that include a pool house, stream and waterfall. The chateau-style home on Chateau Lane has four levels including a great room with floor-to-ceiling Palladian windows. The master suite has his and hers marble bathrooms, a coffee bar, media area and a veranda overlooking the grounds. There are four additional en-suite bedrooms and a separate guest quarters with a bedroom, living room and kitchenette. The entertainment level has a 12-seat movie theater, billiard room, and a lounge with a custom wood carved bar accommodating 200+ wine bottles.

    If you're interested in purchasing this perfect little getaway pad, you can check out the listing here.
    If you're seriously interested in purchasing this perfect little getaway pad, I could really use a new winter coat. Please share your riches. I accept Paypal.

    For sale: Allen Iverson's six-bedroom home in Villanova, PA - Ball Don't Li... - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
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    Looks like he over-improved it. It's called something else in US realtorspeak. Basically people spend a fortune and put in all kinds of extra crap like home theatres, marble everywhere, pools, wetrooms, pet bathrooms, etc and then discover the house is over-priced for the local market and they either have to stay put or sell at a loss, especially in a falling market.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A*O View Post
    Looks like he over-improved it. It's called something else in US realtorspeak.
    Functionally Obsolescent Due to Super-Adequacy.

    I think you're right, but I think it also has more than a little to do with the fact that the "improvements" he made are Super-Tacky.
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    That's a nice house, minus the ugly seats in the movie theater.

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    This house is not selling because there are better homes in the same price range right now. They are new construction so you can pick exactly what you want and they are moving which amazes me. His first house was in Gladwyne, just a few homes away from M Night Shamalan's former home. They chased him out because of all the negative press he got when he fought with his wife. The people who paid all thier millions did not want him around since he always had press camped out on the street.

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