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Thread: The Jonas Brothers and their fangirls

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    Talking The Jonas Brothers and their fangirls

    She's Going To Explode!

    The Jonas Brothers were on MTV'sTRL this afternoon and they invited a bunch of wet, fangirls from the street up to the studio to meet them. The girl above takes the fucking cake and smashes it. She is so excited that she's eating her hair. Literally. Eating her hair is probably the only thing that is keeping her from devouring that Jonas Brother next to her. Sorry, I don't know their first names and I'm not about to learn.
    She's like Sanjaya's crying girl all grown up. The Jonas Brothers must have had a ton of security around them, because that girl looks like she's ready to tear a piece of their skin off to take home with her.
    I shouldn't make fun of her ass! I act the same way whenever I go to IHOP and they bring out my International Passport breakfast.

    She's Going To Explode! | Dlisted

    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    That one is the only hot one. I wouldn't even hold hands with the other two.

    Girls... stop being so pathetic! It's embarassing.

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    When these girls are gonna be old enough to think the Jonas Brothers suck, they're going to be SO ashamed they appeared like this on tv !
    Live - Laugh - Love

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    The one in the last pic with the bow tie is just sad. Kid got lucky. If he wasn't in a "band" he wouldn't have any chicks.

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    Laughing my arse off at the responses so far

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