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Thread: Pink sends message to ex in new song

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    Default Pink sends message to ex in new song

    Pink on the set of her video for "So What" Photo by: Frank Micelotta / Getty

    Pink's new single "So What," debuted on New York City's Z100 Thursday morning – and it may provide insight into her relationship with estranged husband Carey Hart.

    Though Hart told PEOPLE last month that he misses "everything about" Pink – and even hopes for a future with her – Pink's new song may tell a different tale, as evidenced in her lyrics:

    "And I don't need you/And guess what/I'm having more fun/And now that we're done/I'm gonna show you tonight/I'm all right, I'm just fine/And you're a tool/So so what?"

    Still, on the singer's Myspace blog, she wrote about the new song: "Glad you likey's. And don't worry – Carey likey's too. We are insane."

    Meanwhile, Pink has also been keeping busy filming the video for "So What," which included a ride down a Los Angeles street on a lawnmower. "This video was too much fun," she writes on her blog. "If you ever get a chance to drive a lawnmower down Sunset Blvd. – I highly suggest it."

    Pink Sends Message to Ex in New Song - Pink :

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    They need to kiss and make up.

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    She's taking the pee. Carey is even in the video with her. It's all tongue in cheek.

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    ^Exactly. I like her.
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