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Thread: Usher rehires his mother

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    Default Usher rehires his mother

    Usher Rehires His Mother
    Wednesday August 6, 2008

    Jonetta Patton and Usher attend the party for Usher's New Fragrances on September 25, 2007 in New York City
    Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImageBuzz up!

    Add Usher to the list of celebrities with a mom-ager!
    "Usher has dissolved his management arrangement with Benny Medina and has re-engaged Jonnetta Patton as his manager," his rep said in a statement Wednesday.
    The New York Daily News reported in July, that Usher was disappointed that his CD "Here I Stand" sold 433,000 copies in its first week, compared with his last CD, 2004's "Confessions," which had sales of 1.1. million its first seven days.
    "People have been telling Usher to listen to his mother," a source told the New York Daily News. "Nobody knows how to sell him better than she does."
    In 2007, word spread that he ended his 15-year working relationship with Patton because she did not get along with his wife Tameka Foster
    But the new dad, 29, told July's Vibe, "I decided to not fire, not get rid of, but to give [my mother] the ultimate compliment to retire her to be a full-time grandmother.
    "My mother and I decided to change her situation, together," he added. "There was a conversation. I didn't write her a letter or pink slip her."
    Usher and Tameka welcomed their son, Usher Raymond V , last November.
    "My son completes me," Usher gushed to Vibe. "He changes my perspective on what life is, and what matters." | Usher Rehires His Mother
    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    Now that she's the boss again, I wonder if she'll fire his wife.

    I do so love that blazer he is wearing.

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    Mom best make sure that her new contract with her son is "tight" this time round, so that when he starts tripping again, she's ready!
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    With this news, how long before we hear about Ushe and Tameka getting a divorce?

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    Joe Frazer in a wig can't be too happy about Mommy being back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcap72 View Post
    Joe Frazer in a wig can't be too happy about Mommy being back.
    Some of the guys on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show make manatee/sea lion cries every time Tameka's name is mentioned. It's wrong, but it's so funny!

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