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Thread: How Lenny Kravitz got dragged into Rodriguez divorce

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    Default How Lenny Kravitz got dragged into Rodriguez divorce

    WHEN Lenny Kravitz learned he was being accused of having an extramarital affair with Alex Rodriguez's wife, Cynthia, he "looked like he was going to throw up," according to a witness.

    Dodd Romero, the hulking fitness trainer who accompanied Cynthia to Paris, told The Post that Kravitz blames his former manager, Guy Oseary, for entangling the rocker in the twisted tales about Madonna and the Yankee slugger.

    Romero called Kravitz two weeks ago to tip him off that Oseary - who managed Kravitz, Madonna and A-Rod - was about to "pimp out Madonna and A-Rod," said a source. But Kravitz didn't approve and told Romero, "I'll take care of this" - and fired Oseary.

    Kravitz was shocked when he was then accused of having a fling with the slugger's wife, said the source. Romero believes Oseary planted the story in retaliation for being dumped.

    Kravitz, Cynthia Rodriguez and Romero were all in Kravitz's tour bus when the reports broke in Paris. "Lenny looked like he was going to throw up," Romero told the Post. "Lenny said, 'I worked so hard to clean up my image and now I'm gonna get dragged into this.' "

    The trio planned to fly to Spain to meet up with Denzel Washington, whom Romero also trains, but canceled when Kravitz's alleged tryst made news. The group agreed it was best for Cynthia to instead head back to Miami to "sort out the mess."

    A rep for Kravitz confirmed he dumped Oseary two weeks ago.
    Meanwhile, yesterday's Times reported, "Madonna has denied having an affair with Rodriguez." In actuality, the hair-splitting statement issued in her name said she is "not romantically involved with [Alex] Rodriguez." As many readers of this newspaper know, you don't have to be romantically involved to have an affair.


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    I believe Madonna had an affair with A-Rod. I think Lenny was used to deflect attention. I'm not a big fan and think he looks like a walking STD, but I don't think he's a horrible guy, and wonder how much truth there is regarding his role in this divorce.

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    This Guy Oseary dude must be filthy rich if he is representing these three.

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