Broadway Bitch Fight

"Broadway Bitch Fight" is definitely the gayest headline of the day. It's obviously just a super gay way of saying "dance off." Anyway, Mario Lopez and his "A Chorus Line" co-star, Nick Adams, are not getting along. It all started when Mario demanded that his character wear a short-sleeve shirt because he wants to show off his famous AC Slater guns. Mario also demanded that Nick's character cover up his tank top with a frumpy ass hoodie.
The bitch fight didn't stop there. The extra gay panty company, 2(x)ist, originally wanted Mario to star in a new ad campaign, but quickly changed their minds when they saw Nick. A source told Page Six that they were about to offer Mario a contract when they saw Nick. They went with Nick because "he's younger, sexy, more interesting." Nothing is more interesting than AC Slater!
One of the HBICs of 2(x)ist said, "Nick's very masculine, sexy, modern. It's totally all about his body. Mario is a good-looking guy, but Nick had it. He's up and coming, the new face of sexy. He's original. He's hot."
Obviously, these two are just having a lovers quarrel. I'm sure they will suck and make-up over a Bette Davis double feature, a few popper sniffs and a good old-fashioned game of turkey-in-the-hole.

Broadway Bitch Fight | Dlisted