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Thread: Pete Doherty spends hours in plaster for a new sculpture of himself

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    Default Pete Doherty spends hours in plaster for a new sculpture of himself

    And not in the way he usually gets plastered! The Sun reports that Dreamboat spent hours in plaster for a new sculpture of himself. Dreamboat wants a marble statue of himself on a cross like Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is right! Dreamy will debut the work at his solo London show on July 12th. The minute that statue goes up, the earth will crumble and the angels will cry.
    The work is meant to symbolize his crucifixion by the media. Dreamy's artist friend, Nick Reynolds, is the one who came up with the idea. Probably after a long night of playing spin the crack pipe. Nick will use the plaster cast of Dreamy to make the masterpiece.
    When I first saw these pictures, I thought Dreamy was making a real doll of himself for my private enjoyment. I was going to throw out my Carrot Top real doll to make room for Dreamy's. Wishful thinking.
    This is reason #345,769 why you shouldn't smoke crack! Methinks Dreamboat is going to receive a cease and desist from Jesus Christ himself.

    Dreamboat Gets Plastered | Dlisted

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    That should be interesting.
    I like the guy, some of his music is good. I know he's a major fuck up but something about him is interesting.

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    Just eeww. They should have left him in the cast.

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    You like him? He makes kittens smoke crack and kills them. He squirted his own STD laden blood at a cameraman from a syringe.

    That's not interesting, that's hideous. He's also physically disgusting.
    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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    What a BRILLIANT and ORIGINAL idea!!

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    Yuck, eww and gag me with a spoon (preferrably one Pete has not shot up off).

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