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Thread: Lauren Hutton: In need of a nap... and then some

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    Default Lauren Hutton: In need of a nap... and then some

    Lauren Hutton: In Need of a Nap...and Then Some - E! Online

    We're starting to think the empty space between Lauren Hutton's ears rivals the one between her teeth.
    The 64-year-old model-actress served up a less-than-cohesive speech during Bravo's A-List Awards Wednesday while being honored as a beauty icon.
    "I've been up for 46 hours. It's a long story, but a good one," she remarked upon taking the stage to accept her statuette.
    But rather than divulge what actually kept her up for so long, she instead proceeded to babble on about how awards make for useful kitchen utensils and "if we had 10 million square miles of them, we could fill one of the holes in our atmosphere."
    And by our calculations, it would only take one award to fill the hole commonly known as a mouth.

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    She was rather strange on the Today show too. She called men whores or something like that. And she kept saying it over and over again. Kathie Lee was getting a little exasperated (not that I mind that part though, seeing KL exasperated is fun).
    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

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