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Thread: Andy Dick's friend goes nuts

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    Default Andy Dick's friend goes nuts

    Andy's Dick Friend Explodes
    Posted May 26th 2008 11:16AM by TMZ Staff

    An obliterated Andy Dick and his friend got denied from Hyde last night hardcore -- and his friend took it out on any and everyone nearby.

    Though Dick stumbled away from the scene and hopped into a stranger's truck at Chevron, his bud came looking for him and got into it with a random girl in the parking lot -- but it didn't end there. Andy eventually returned and told his friend to "take the camera!" from our photog. That's when things got real messy.

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    I wish he'd drop off the planet, he's just a dried up & washed up old queen whose 15 minutes of fame was up yrs. ago.

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    the only time i like Andy Dick is when they pick him apart during the Roasts.
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    Why is he still notable enough to make TMZ? Is the day that slow?

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