Ben Affleck's money movies

Ben Affleck admits he has made movies just for money.
The 'Pearl Harbour' actor - who has appeared in a string of Hollywood flops - has agreed to star in some films because he wanted the pay cheque.

He told Britain's Independent newspaper: "I've had different approaches to my work at different points in my life. At certain points, I've felt I've cared more than at other times - sometimes it's just about making money."
The actor - who accepts some of his career choices have been erratic - is also unsurprised when his films and his acting abilities are criticised.
He said: "If you can't handle being criticised and you can't take a joke and you have skin that is too thin then you shouldn't be in the entertainment business. You have to be able to deal with it. You have to be grown up."
Affleck - who is married to Jennifer Garner - recently made his directorial debut in 'Gone Baby Gone', which stars his younger brother Casey.
The film is about the abduction of a young girl, and its UK release was delayed for nearly a year due to similarities with the case of missing British child Madeleine McCann.