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Thread: Rihanna reveals haircut helped in studio

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    Default Rihanna reveals haircut helped in studio

    Rihanna has revealed that her shorter haircut gave her a new sense of purpose in the studio.

    The R&B singer defied the wishes of her record label by changing her image as she worked on Good Girl Gone Bad, which went on to become a smash-hit worldwide.

    "I felt like the whole world had long, curly, flowy blonde hair. Ciara, Beyonce, Mariah, Christina Milian. Everybody wanted to be like everybody else," Rihanna explained. "So I cut my hair and they made me put my long hair back in [as extensions].

    "The second time, I didn't have any discussions, nothing. I just cut it, I dyed it black, I went into the studio making music my way. I found myself all at once. I like things strong, edgy, a little to the left. I don't like things that are expected - nothing cliched."

    Recent reports have claimed that the star is planning a duet with Chris Brown.

    Showbiz - News - Rihanna reveals haircut helped in studio - Digital Spy

    I'm so glad she told us

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    she really meant it improved the acoustics in the room cuz it covered her fivehead.
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    Well, that is somewhat empowering. Not many popular singers have short and/or dark hair anymore. Pink is one I can think of, but anyone else?

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    It's not edgy if you have to explain to people why it's edgy.
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