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Thread: Win a whale-watching date with Hayden Panettiere

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    Default Win a whale-watching date with Hayden Panettiere

    Looking to have a whale of a time?

    Hayden Panettiere – the Heroes star and outspoken activist for the Save the Whales Again! campaign – is auctioning off the chance to join her on an ocean voyage.

    The auction – now open on eBay and running through May 30th – includes dinner and drinks for six at Eva Longoria's Beso restaurant during a celebrity fund-raiser in Hollywood on August 10.

    In the next few days, the winner and five guests will spend a morning with Panettiere, 18, on a private whale watching tour off the coast of Santa Barbara, Calif. (They'll also receive a $1,000 American Express gift card.)

    After just one day, bidding had already reached $4,180.

    Proceeds will got to the Save the Whales Again! campaign. As Panettiere – who recently won an award for her work with the charity – says on eBay, "You can make a huge difference for these wonderful animals."

    Win a Whale Watching Date with Hayden Panettiere - Hayden Panettiere :

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    You know, I almost want to win that cause I'd love to bring 5 of my GR cohorts along to give Hayden non-stop alcohol fuelled grief and aggravation.

    I mean, we could show up in fur coats and crocodile skin shoes, with spear-gun slung over our shoulders and say "Hi, we're here for the whale shooting tour".
    vaya con dios

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    ^ I'm in.

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    I hope they all get seasick and yack all over her.

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