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Thread: Jay-Z and Usher sing about joys of marriage

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    Default Jay-Z and Usher sing about joys of marriage

    Jay-Z and Usher have recorded a new song together, "Best Thing" – an ode to their new status as married men.

    "Of course, with the talk of both of us now being newlyweds, there is a question as to why, and is it real?" Usher told MTV Base of the song, which is produced by Janet Jackson's beau Jermaine Dupri. "Well, if you hear that [song], you'll understand what [Jay-Z] meant when he says, 'Seeds becomes plants/ Boys become men/ You've got to grow up, not down.' "

    The song kicks off with Jay-Z speaking of a bachelor who is resistant to getting married: "Can't give a ring up/ I couldn't give a f---, how could I give a finger?/ Let alone half baths and closets/ So claustrophobic, in fear of close objects."

    Usher, meanwhile, playing an unfaithful boyfriend, sings: "Listen, is there any chance that you remember me being any more than just a horrible man? And would you consider pullin' this trigger and taking a second shot at romance?/ Oh baby, I want the days when you were my girl and I was your man/ Know I took you for granted/ But it wasn't until now I see how much I miss you."

    Jay-Z, 38, married Beyoncé Knowles, 26, in April. Usher, 29, married stylist Tameka Foster, 38, last August. The pair have a son together.

    Jay-Z, Usher Sing About Joys of Marriage - Beyonce Knowles, Jay-Z, Tameka Foster, Usher :

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    Huh. I just heard on the radio today that Usher and Tameka have separated... so maybe Usher won't be singing about his joyous marriage much longer.
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    Ůsher and Tameka sound like two drama queens in a relationship. Oh and that little thing with him "allegedly" bedding men probably causes problems too.

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    Jay-Z and Usher... YOU FUCKING LOSERS!

    That is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard of. Especially because you know they probably had hookers coming in and out of the studio the whole time they were making the song.
    vaya con dios

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