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Thread: Avril Lavigne too sick to perform, well enough to party

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    Default Avril Lavigne too sick to perform, well enough to party

    Avril Lavigne was spotted out at LA hotspot Villa this weekend. Nothing out of the ordinary, except the singer recently canceled 8 concert dates of her tour that has shows scheduled in the United States, Canada, and Europe through August.
    A bad case of laryngitis was cited as the cause of the cancellations. Avril wrote on her Web site, "I have been sick this whole tour, and now I have lost my voice. I have never canceled a show in my whole career and just had to for the first time ever. This sux!"
    Some of the dates canceled were in late April, but one of the more recent shows was scheduled for May 10 in Everett, Washington. Originally the concert was said to be postponed, but according to a spokeswoman from Live Nation they could not change the tour to make up the missed shows.
    How odd to see her out partying just a week later. Anyone else thinking ticket sales might have been an issue?
    One suggestion for Avril: get pregnant. It seems to be helping Ashlee and her album at least.

    Avril Lavigne Too Sick To Perform, Well Enough To Party | A Socialite's Life
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    "This sux" ,lol.She's such a shit.
    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    they couldn't give away her shitty tickets where I live... sorry she's <cough cough> sick

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    She got shit reviews here...and this is her "hometown".

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    15 minutes of fame... 10 8 4 2...
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    Who the hell would pay to hear her screech anyway? When will she become a staple of the 'where are they now' shows?

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    What sux is the fact that her voice came back!

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    I think Ratty has run her race... the novelty is over... the bratty little wannabe rebels teenagers that thought she was cool have outgrown her, the younger ones think she's too pop now anyway, the ones who thought she was a cool rocker chick man have either grown up or had someone tap them on the shoulder and explain what REAL ROCK music sounds like... if she does a new album it will be a HUGE flop and she will have to resort to popping out a RatBaby or hanging out with Lindsay Lohan for publicity.
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    I don't think she's sick. I think she's saying that to cover poor ticket sales.

    I wish this phony self righteous snot would please go away already.

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