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Thread: Sean Diddy Combs: Kanye West concert changed my life

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    Default Sean Diddy Combs: Kanye West concert changed my life


    (Note: Video contains some foul language.)

    Diddy has sent a heartfelt thank you to Kanye West, saying that the rapper's recent concert changed his life, in a new video "confession" on YouTube.

    "The other night, I go to the Kanye West concert … [I have] nothing by high expectations," Diddy says. "Concert changed my life. I ain't gonna lie. I was so impressed and inspired. It was beautiful man – and I fell in love with hip-hop again.

    "I want to say thank you, Kanye, for giving me that."

    Diddy: Kayne West Concert Changed My Life - Music News, Kanye West, Sean P. Diddy Combs :

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    going to hell in a handbasket


    Is Diddy sucking his c*ck? WTF??

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    I detest them both! butt ugly and no talent!

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    kenya west is an ok artist not great by any means ,these celebs are the goofiest people ,puff daddy did this just to give himself a lil attention

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    I like some of Kanye's songs, but Puffy is full of shit. Hearing "Stronger" live isn't that earth shattering.
    “What are you looking at, sugar-tits?” - Mel Gibson

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