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Thread: Taylor Hicks is going to Broadway

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    Default Taylor Hicks is going to Broadway

    He's Still Alive?

    Taylor Hicks has been sent to the land of fallen American Idols.....BROADWAY! Taylor Hicks will play Teen Angel in Grease beginning June 6th. Taylor will stay with the show until September.
    Taylor told Playbill, "I am incredibly excited to be a part of one of my favorite musicals. The Soul Patrol's gonna invade Broadway!" The Soul Patrol? Not this shit again. I thought the world was finally rid of that mess. Aren't Claymates enough? What do we call David Archuleta fans? The Pedo Crew?
    I can't believe dumb bitches think Taylor looks like George Clooney. He might look like Clooney after a few hits of heroin and if you squint your eyes, turn your head upside down and tell yourself over and over again "it's George Clooney, it's George Clooney." Naw. He still won't look like Clooney. Bea Arthur maybe, but not Georgie.

    He's Still Alive? | Dlisted

    He'll be hauling tour equipment for Daughtry next.
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    Can he put a t-shirt on or button that shirt?

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    When did Broadway become the safe haven for America Idol has-beens?

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    I've always liked Taylor, not enough to buy his albums mind, but I'm glad he's getting a shot on Broadway.
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