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Thread: The Amy Winehouse Effect

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    Talking The Amy Winehouse Effect

    This Is What Happens When You Hang With Wino

    Amy Wino and her friend and guitarist, Kristian Marr, arrived at her house late last night from the country. Kristian was asleep in the car, so Wino decided to leave him there and she went inside. Kristian woke up a little while later and instead of going on home, he broke into Wino's garage. He curled up and tried to get some sleep on her garage floor, but was interrupted by the fuzz.
    He told them he was staying with Wino. They tried to reach Wino, but her ass was dead asleep. Kristian is Sadie Frost's boyfriend and he tried to contact her too, but she was also busy getting her beauty sleep. When crackheads finally fall asleep, they sleep for real.
    Kristian was finally taken off to the police station. I blame Wino. You know she gave him some of that bad shit. The kind of bad shit that only Wino can handle. I swear, crackies do the strangest things.
    Here's more pics of crackie Kristian getting busted by the police and also some pics of Wino walking around barefoot earlier yesterday. The hive is growing. It's aaaaaaalive!

    This Is What Happens When You Hang With Wino | Dlisted
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    Klass act
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    Everything about her and what she does is soo sketchy. Except, for her rockin voice..

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    OMG. That beehive looks more like a gigantic mutant spider egg all wrapped up waiting to hatch a kabillion baby spiders into the universe.

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    Sadie Frost went from Jude Law to that??
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    She kinda looks like a fucked up Babs Streisand.

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