The judge in the R. Kelly child pornography case brushed off defense lawyers’ request Friday to delay the trial because of stories in the Chicago Sun-Times.
Judge Vincent Gaughan also held off on defense lawyers’ request that he appoint a special prosecutor to investigate who might have leaked sealed information to the Sun-Times.

The Sun-Times reported Friday that a potential witness in the R. Kelly trial — who would testify to having a threesome with Kelly and an underage girl — was allegedly paid by an aide to the singer in order to get back an incriminating sex video.
“There is no escaping the fact that the Sun-Times will be in every news box in Cook County,” said defense lawyer Marc Martin.
Martin also complained the story was widely picked up by the broadcast media Friday morning. “I heard it when I was putting on my tie this morning,” he said.
Martin said the story dealt with “a witness the state does not have,” and that some of the information reported “is not even the subject of any piece of paper that I’ve ever seen.”
Kelly’s lawyers also asked for a rule to show cause — a way of requesting that a person who violated a court order be held in contempt. The judge held off ruling on that.
Gaughan has imposed a gag order on the lawyers in the R. Kelly case, and has placed numerous documents under seal and held four hearings that were closed to the public. Martin apparently sought to have whoever leaked the sealed information held in contempt of court.

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I am just glad the trail has finally started- I cant believe it was delayed this long and I hope this doesnt end up like a joke like Jacko's.