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Thread: Paris Hilton rocks a new ring from Benji Madden

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    Default Paris Hilton rocks a new ring from Benji Madden

    Always one to keep the public talking, Paris_Hilton showed up to talk about her new hair extension line with Sally Beauty Supply wearing a notable new accessory: a two-banded diamond ring on that finger.

    Asked if the baubles were an engagement ring from boyfriend Benji Madden, Hilton told PEOPLE, "No, it's just a present. He's sweet."

    Still, the duo have already discussed marriage. "We want to stay together forever," she said Thursday. "I wouldn't do a Vegas [wedding]. I don't know where or when but I do want it to be romantic."

    Betting that Nicole_Richie and Joel Madden will beat them to the altar, Hilton doesn't mind following in her best friend's footsteps another way, as well. "Nicole is our first friend to have a baby ... Seeing Harlow, it really makes me want one. I've always wanted to have a baby.”

    Until then, she's content on practicing her mommy skills on Harlow. "I’m definitely 'Aunt Paris.' " As for Benji? "He'll babysit. I can tell he's gonna be an incredible father. He loves babies."

    Benji Changed My Life in Every Way

    With memories of dancing on tables in clubs still fresh in her mind, Hilton, 26, acknowledges how much she has grown since she started dating the Good Charlotte rocker four months ago.

    "When I was younger I loved to go out, but now that I'm in a really great relationship it's so much more fun to stay at home," she says, "We don't really like to go out. We have game night, friends come over and play Monopoly. It's chill." She also loves pampering her man with some homemade food. "I love to cook for him, I cook great lasagna."

    "I've grown up a lot. I'm at peace," she added. "He's changed my life in every way. I'm happy."

    Laughing about her beau's rocker look, she says her she follows some words of advice from her dad to look past it. "My dad said you shouldn't judge a book by its cover," she said. "He doesn't act at all like someone who has tattoos everywhere! I love him so much that I don't pay attention. I don't even look at the tattoos anymore."

    Paris Hilton Rocks a New Ring – from Benji Madden - Couples, Benji Madden, Paris Hilton :
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    .......but, can she recite anything from the bible yet?
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    Funny, all she says have been taken from various article about them released in the past few days or even weeks. Slow news day ?

    Plus, this picture of her is really scary, her wonk seems like it wants to go on a solo career !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paris Hilton
    I've always wanted to have a baby.
    . . . and she's probably been doing what it takes to get one since 12.
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    Paris, you're not the first whore who's got some trinket for tricks.
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    Since when does this skank ho stay home?

    BTW, she looks rough, and that makes me very happy.
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