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Thread: Ryan Seacrest wants to replace Larry King

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    Default Ryan Seacrest wants to replace Larry King

    Ryan Gaycrest already has a radio show, a TV job on E!, American Idol and now comes word that he may violate our TV screens even more. The Scoop reports that Gaycrest is in talks to replace Larry King later next year. CNN must really despise this country.
    Gaycrest regularly fills in when Larry goes and gets his heart restarted. A sourcie said that Gaycrest is looking to make a serious change in his career, “He's so serious about his career, but like anyone, he wants it to evolve. Hosting ‘Larry King’ would be perfect for him." If he wants a serious change, might I suggest early retirement? I'm sure there's a deserted island somewhere with his name on it.
    A spokeswhore for Gaycrest would not comment.
    Don't you fret, this disaster will never take place. Larry King is never retiring, because he will live on forever. Zombies don't die.

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    A spokeswhore for Gaycrest would not comment.
    Worst. Spokeswhore. EVAR. He should look into some of the posters we have (had) here....
    Kill him.
    Kill her.
    Kill It.
    Kill everything... that IS the solution!
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