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Thread: Summit of comedic minds

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    Talking Summit of comedic minds

    It was a summit of comedic minds in New York's West Village yesterday, as When in Rome cast members Kristen Bell, Will Arnett and Dax Shepard convened with Saturday Night Live stars Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph to have lunch and presumably crack each other up.

    But what cracks us up is the expression on Kristen Bell's face, which is nearly as curious as her choice of boots. Did the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star's lunch not agree with her? Or is she doing her John McCain impression? Celebrities; they're a mysterious lot.

    Kristen Bell Expresses Herself - Bauer-Griffin on: 2008-05-05

    Hey, let's not forget -there was a fuzzy John Krasinski in attendance!
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    HA! The only guy I think is funny is the one they left off the list!

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