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Thread: Disney tram crashes after Goofy turn - Mickey Mouse unavailable for comment

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    Red face Disney tram crashes after Goofy turn - Mickey Mouse unavailable for comment

    Disney Tram Crashes After Goofy Turn
    Posted May 3rd 2008 5:59PM by TMZ Staff
    It really wasn't a magic day at the Magic Kingdom yesterday: First, there was the suicide that TMZ reported, and -- on a completely different note -- a parking lot tram car slammed into a sign, shutting down tram service for a little while.

    We've confirmed that an accident did occur, but being fairly low-speed, injuries to people were minor, though the car's lights were torn out. According to one poster on Disney nerd emporium, the tram may have taken an overly wide turn.

    We called the Mouse House for comment, but haven't heard back. Anaheim PD says they weren't called to the scene.

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    Crazy! I was just at Downtown Disney (Anaheim) a few days ago. The suicide is crazy- why stay at Disneyland Hotel on business? And then if your company springs for it (expensive), why would you share a room?

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    woulda been funny if he had landed on the teacups
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