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Thread: Not everyone wants to hear Kate Moss sing

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    Default Not everyone wants to hear Kate Moss sing

    Kate Moss is desperate to sing on stage with her new boyfriend Jamie Hince's band The Kills at Glastonbury next month.

    But the 34-year-old model's appearance could be as embarrassing as when she once was booed off by Babyshambles fans in Florence after she sang with the band's frontman, her ex, Pete Doherty.
    A music insider says: "The Kills are playing on the same day as Pete Doherty which might have something to do with Kate wanting to get up there and sing with Jamie."
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    Despite Kate's efforts to sing with The Kills boyfriend Jamie Hince has yet to agree

    After a recent gig in Camden, Jamie left early because Kate wanted to go home

    The idea of Kate and Jamie teaming up on stage has already led to tensions between them. Kate was due to sing with The Kills at a club in Camden, North London, last month but the debut was cancelled at the last minute.
    My mole says: "Kate had been practising backing vocals but Alison Mosshart, the vocalist, wasn't so keen. Kate was furious she wasn't able to sing and she and Jamie had a big bust-up."
    Pete Doherty's band Babyshambles were far more willing to let Kate sing and she regularly performed with them at gigs

    Kate Moss moves in for the Kills at Glastonbury but not everyone wants to hear her sing | the Daily Mail

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    Damn she's got shithouse taste in men.
    vaya con dios

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    Honey, you win the prize for making The Understatement of the Year.

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    She's always wanted to be a rock star, though her voice is like Minnie Mouse on helium. I like Kate, but she can't sing.

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    i love kate but whenever i hear her and primal scream's cover of 'some velvet morning', i always wish they'd gotten some other chick to sing.
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    I'm still trying to get over hearing Scarlett Johansson sing.... note to celebs, do what you do best.

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