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Thread: Jessica Alba helps out pregnant teens

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    Default Jessica Alba helps out pregnant teens

    Going through the pregnancy experience herself, Jessica Alba was spotted lending a helping hand to underage expectant mothers in Los Angeles on Friday (May 2).
    The “Good Luck Chuck” actress headed over to Thomas Riley High School - handing out gifts to help get the pregnant high-schoolers off on the right foot in their new babies’ care.
    Meanwhile, Jessica, who’s expecting her first child with Cash Warren in June, is said to be planning a break from her career following the birth of her baby.
    To this note, Jessica said: “I’m just going to sit back and figure out what this whole experience of being a mother is all about, and taking that in.”
    And when the time comes to return to the daily grind, Alba would like to work with her fiancé, telling: “I wouldn’t mind doing something with Cash. He’s incredibly smart and very business-savvy. I think him being part of anything means it’s going to be progressive and successful.”

    Jessica Alba went to Thomas Riley High School to give the under age pregnant girls presents
    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    "Hai kidz, I 'll teach you how to be a miserable hack during these nine months! Listen carefully, bitches!"

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    It's awesome she probably spent her own money for these gifts wonderful gesture. A true role model for young women.

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    I hate these billowy dresses she's wearing. There's more to maternity wear than different colored sacks.
    “What are you looking at, sugar-tits?” - Mel Gibson

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    She's all heart that bitch

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    Here is MK's spin on it -

    The New Mother Theresa

    MiserAlba took time out from her busy schedule of frowning, yelling at the walls and writing a letter to Cash Warren on the "100 reasons why she hates him" to deliver pressies to some knocked up under age girls. You know it was just a bunch of ugly shit from her baby shower. It's the thought that counts. MiserAlba really does have a giving hea....hear....hea.... I can't type it. It would be a lie.

    Here's more pics of Alba at Thomas Riley High School in Los Angeles today. The girls in the first thumbnail below are amazingly gorgeous and chic. Ladies, this is what you should all aspire to look like. Even Alba knows she can't compete with their beauty. Bitch recognizes.

    The New Mother Theresa | Dlisted

    ^ It probably is all the unwanted shit from her baby shower!

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    That's really nice of her. I really don't like her much, but I give her credit for this.

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    Well this was really nice of Miseralba. Nice publicity ploy for her too.

    I like her dress but I don't understand why she lets those huge pregnancy boobs go unsupported and braless. I think that would be uncomfortable to have those things swinging and bouncing everywhere.

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