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Thread: Jason Biggs gets hitched; warm pie served in honeymoon suite

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    Lightbulb Jason Biggs gets hitched; warm pie served in honeymoon suite

    'American Pie' star Jason Biggs has secretly married his girlfriend, actress Jenny Mollen.

    (BANG) -

    Actor Jason Biggs has secretly got married.

    The 'American Pie' star tied the knot with actress fiancee Jenny Mollen in a secret Los Angeles ceremony last Wednesday (23.04.08).

    The pair wed away from family and friends because they didn't want a big ceremony with lots of guests.

    A source revealed to America's Star magazine: "Jason and Jenny agreed that they did not want to deal with the whole family thing because it would have been too stressful on both of them.

    "They thought it would be a lot more relaxing to do it just the two of them with no pressure. It was a very private wedding and that is exactly how they wanted it.

    "Maybe one day later they will have the whole white dress and flowers major celebration, but not now. They just want this to be an intimate event between the two of them."

    The couple later celebrated by having dinner with a small group of friends, before jetting off on honeymoon to Hawaii two days later.

    Jason and Jenny have been dating for nine moths after meeting on the set of upcoming movie 'My Best Friend's Girl'.

    (C) BANG Media International

    Jason Biggs' secret marriage : Bang : CelebEdge : Sympatico / MSN
    Meh, who cares.
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    So he finally had his American Pie wedding.
    I don't know why but I have always found him kind of cute in that nerd way.

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    They got married in secret? worried about the flood of papparazzi?

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