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Thread: Lily Allen goes shopping in Notting Hill

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    Default Lily Allen goes shopping in Notting Hill

    Lily Allen browsed for new tops in a trendy Notting Hill boutique today - and if the state of her outfit is any indication, she is certainly in need of one.

    The Smile singer was spotted wearing a very flimsy vest on the shopping spree, seemingly unfazed by the fact that much of her white lacy bra was exposed for all to see.
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    Over exposed: Lily Allen's flimsy vest revealed her lacy bra while she shopped at a boutique in London's Notting Hill

    Lily, who recently complained of putting on weight under the stress of making her television chat show, later covered up in a grey cardigan as she made her way down Portobello Road.

    Meanwhile, Lily's rumoured new love interest Gavin & Stacey star James Corden is reportedly making efforts to win over his family.

    He is said to have arranged a meeting with Lily's mother, film producer Alison Owen, under the guise of a business lunch.
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    Relaxed: Lily seemed unfazed by her gaping top

    A source told the Mirror: "Alison was bemused when James blurted out, 'Actually I got you here to talk about Lily'.

    "She roared with laughter. She thinks James is a lovely young man and would be delighted if he stepped out with Lily."

    Lily split from Chemical Brothers DJ Ed Simmons in January after she suffered a miscarriage.
    Cover up: the Smile singer later slipped on a cardigan as she made her way down Portobello Road

    Lily Allen plays the lace card as she exposes her bra during shopping trip | the Daily Mail

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    she has unfortunate legs. black tights and running shoes aren't helping either...
    I'm a hard act to follow because when I'm done, I take the microphone with me.

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    Isn't it still pretty cold in England this time of year? I froze my ass off last May and wore long sleeved sweaters the entire time. ?
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    The definition of Chav 'style'.

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    Dear Lily,
    If you insist on bleaching your hair that fugtastic shade of albino rat, then please touch up your roots every week or so. Oh, and by the way, I can't stand you or your music.



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    Alexa Chung and Lily Allen Battle for Top Celeb Fashion Award

    Alexa Chung and Lily Allen have both been nominated for a top Best Dressed award alongside Kelly Osbourne and Fearne Cotton.
    The award is part of this year's Highstreet Fashion Awards for which the shortlists were announced today.
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    Other nominations include Primark and Matalan, who are up for Best Value. Topshop and Zara are nominated in both the Best Trendsetter and Best Men’s fashion categories.
    The top UK fashion retailers have been shortlisted by the LK Today panel of judges including, Lorraine Kelly, Mark Heyes (GMTV’s Fashion Expert), Myleene Klass and Jo Elvin (Editor of Glamour).
    The ‘Best Dressed Celebrity’ award will be presented by the Perfume Shop for the second year. In 2007 the stores visitors voted Coleen McLoughlin as the winner.
    This year the WAG is absent from the shortlist leaving Alexa, Lily, Kelly and Fearne to battle it out between themselves. Alexa Chung and Lily Allen Battle for Top Celeb Fashion Award

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    She always looks so spaced out and lost. Come here baby I'll cheer you up!

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    I think she has a big old drug problem... she just has that worn-out junkie look.

    Maybe it's just the craptastic hair.

    Memo to wanna-be fashionistas everywhere: BLACK TIGHTS MAKE YOUR LEGS LOOK FAT... so unless you are a 6-foot stick figure leave them on the shelf (at the store).
    vaya con dios

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    She suits blonde when she's done up - otherwise she just looks washed out and dreadful.

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