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Thread: Amy Winehouse: I am NOT divorcing my husband

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    Default Amy Winehouse: I am NOT divorcing my husband

    Amy Wino answered the door in her bra yesterday shouting to the paps that she's sick of the lies being published about her marriage to Blaaaake. That picture above seriously looks like a screen shot from "Cops." I can almost hear her screaming, "I ain't got no heroins! That heroins ain't mines!" So...
    Wino shouted at the paps, "I am not divorcing Blake. I am totally in love with him. You've seen us together and you know how much we're in love with each. We're going to be together for ever. I don't have a new boyfriend."
    Blaaaake apparently doesn't believe that Wino hasn't cheated on him. The Sun reports he wants a $6 million settlement. These cunts are so damn dramatic. They act like their life is so difficult. My fucking coffee maker broke this morning! That's real suffering.
    Shortly after Wino sang her cracksong for Blaaake to the paps, Alex Haines and Mitch Wino showed up. Alex is rumored to be Wino's "other man." Witnesses claim they heard Mitch shouting at Wino to get her shit together.
    Mitch recently told the News of the World that Wino should be thrown in a looney bin, "I want her sectioned. The situation is getting out of control. I want her off the street. I don't think being somewhere (in rehab) for six weeks is going to cure her problems. I think it needs far more radical measures." Mitch claims he's spoken to her manager who is talking to doctors about getting her help.
    I really hope someone is turning this shit into a musical or play. Tennessee Williams would have creamed himself for this kind of drama. I can see the title now, "A Crackhead Named Wino."

    Wino & Blaaaake: Together Forever | Dlisted

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    Well, her skin looks better.

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    That picture above seriously looks like a screen shot from "Cops." I can almost hear her screaming, "I ain't got no heroins! That heroins ain't mines!"

    I have nearly wet myself over this line! "I ain't got the heroins"... ARGH... just still chortling over it! So funny!

    Go Amy Go... you stash that heroins girls...
    vaya con dios

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