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Thread: Kylie Minogue gets the geisha look as she gears up for world tour

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    Default Kylie Minogue gets the geisha look as she gears up for world tour

    Singer Kylie Minogue - known for her stunning costume choices - poses as a geisha in a shoot to promote her forthcoming world tour.

    The star - who turns 40 next month - looks breathtaking in a red kimono and dramatic Japanese-style make-up.
    The tour begins in Paris on May 6th and will reportedly cost more than 10million to stage. Scroll down for more...
    Japanese-style: Kylie Minogue dresses as a Geisha in promotional shots for her upcoming tour

    It includes shows in Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Luxembourg, Russia, Latvia and Spain, and has already taken over half a million in sales.
    KylieX2008 is the singer's first major tour since her battle with breast cancer.
    It opens in the UK in June at the Belfast Odyssey Arena before moving to Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester ending at the O2 Arena in London. Scroll down for more...
    Geisha girl: Kelly Osbourne tried out the look during her ITV2 documentary Turning Japanese

    Meanwhile Kylie is said to have abandoned plans to crack America after her latest attempt failed.
    She reportedly told a friend, "I gave it my best shot. I won't try again."
    Kylie appeared on numerous US shows to promote her album X including The Today Show, Dancing With The Stars, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Late Late Show. But despite her attempts the record sold only 6,000 copies and debuted at number 139 on the US Billboard charts.

    Memoirs of a pop princess: Kylie gets the geisha look as she gears up for world tour | the Daily Mail

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    Yeah, this woman is absurd. Give it a rest already, Kylie. Try something else. Or just go away.

    Kelly, um, looked kind of cute as a geisha.

    Kylie looks f*cking scary as hell.

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    ^^couldn't agree more.

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    I wonder why they keep saying she failed to crack the American market. To me, if someone fails to crack a market it means they were never able to have a single hit or interest in any of their music. Clearly Kylie has had a few hits in the U.S., and some of her dance tracks are still playing on my local radio station. Hardly a sign of failure to crack in my opinion.

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    she looks like an evil Disney Queen in that pic. Kelly works the look a lot better.

    Kylie just doesn't look pretty or sexy or anything in that pic!!!

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    I think she looks great! I think you all just have 'no' in your hearts when it comes to our Kylie!

    My best friend and I went to her last concert here in Australia... it was fabulous... we sang every song from start to finish... we even got feather boas as a souvenier from the 2 very VERY camp young lads seated next to us!
    vaya con dios

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    Bowie coulda done it better
    "Give me your love and I'll give you--the Perfect Love Song!"

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    Those pics are not hot or anything. They're entirely misguided.

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