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Thread: Colin Firth: 'Fan tried to photograph my penis'

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    Default Colin Firth: 'Fan tried to photograph my penis'

    Colin Firth has revealed that a fan tried to take a picture of his penis when he was using the toilet.

    The actor said he was standing at a urinal during a break from watching a show in New York when he noticed a camera pointing at his genitals.

    He told The Daily Show host Jon Stewart that he made a pathetic attempt to shove the camera away, adding: "It's hard to do when you're not entirely in your pants."

    A US fan recently paid 4,570 to meet Firth at the London premiere of new film Mamma Mia to raise money for Oxfam.


    ..and I mean that from the heart of my bottom..

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    I love him.

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    ....I have told her and I have told her...."Mum, you've got to stay away from that guy if you can't behave".......

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