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Thread: Charlotte Church takes her precious Ruby for a stroll

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    Default Charlotte Church takes her precious Ruby for a stroll

    Charlotte Church proved she's taking motherhood in her stride during an afternoon stroll with 7-month-old daughter Ruby today.

    The 22-year-old singer, dressed in a boho sun dress, flip flops and a denim vest, looked a picture of contentment as she pushed her napping baby around her local neighbourhood in South Wales.
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    Charlotte Church takes motherhood in her stride during an afternoon stroll today with Ruby Megan, her 7-month-old daughter

    Charlotte appears to be making the most of her time away from the spotlight, quietly nesting before her impending return to work later this year.

    Channel 4 has confirmed that a new series of The Charlotte Church Show will be broadcast this summer, with Will Macdonald, of production company Monkey, quipping recently: “She's raring to put down the pot cleaner and pick up the microphone.”
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    Earth mother: The singer looks a picture of contentment in a boho dress and flip flops in her St Brides Major in South Wales

    Not that she's short on cash flow - the Voice of an Angel last week made it into the a new list of the top Young Music Millionaires in the UK.

    Alongside her rugby-playing boyfriend Gavin Henson, she has accrued an estimated wealth of £11m.

    The couple who were first ranked together in the Sunday Times list last year, were placed ninth.
    Dhani Harrison, son of the late Beatle George Harrison, topped the list with the £160million inheritance he shares with his mother Olivia.

    Charlotte Church the 'Earth Mother' takes her precious Ruby for a stroll | the Daily Mail

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    Awww...she looks so cute and happy
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    She doesn't look 22 - more like 32! But I like her and I wish her well - she doesn't need to look great (she has great talent).

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    Bless her!

    I have to admit liking this girl. And the fact that she hasn't dropped a shitload of weight and is bragging about it in the papers is to be commended as well!

    eta-she's got very thick legs. I've never noticed before.

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    I like her, too. She seems like she doesn't take shit off anyone.
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    I couldn't find the baby, for a minute.

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    She looks just fine and very happy.
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    with a name like ruby and parents like charlotte and her rugbyman oaf, that kid doesn't stand a chance. she'll either be pregnant by 15 or grow up to be a stripper. or both.
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