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Thread: Legal row over David Beckham's shirt

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    Default Legal row over David Beckham's shirt

    Soccer superstar DAVID BECKHAM has landed in the middle of messy legal battle between two young boys, after he gave away his shirt at a game in Hawaii.

    The English Los Angeles Galaxy star approached the youngsters, aged nine and 10, following an exhibition match at Honoluluís Aloha Stadium last week (23Apr08) and handed over his sweaty kit.

    The pairís parents are now squabbling over who should keep the shirt - and are threatening legal action against each other.

    Stunned LA Galaxy general manager Alexi Lalas says, "My suggestion is that the judge get a pair of scissors, cut the thing in half and give half to each."

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    Geez....try to do something nice....

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    take the tshirt away from both of them, auction it off, and give the money to charity.
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