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Thread: Minnie Driver on a shopping trip in Dublin

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    Default Minnie Driver on a shopping trip in Dublin

    For most pregnant women, awaiting the birth of your first child is one of the most exciting times of your life.

    But for mum-to-be Minnie Driver, she appears to be less than happy with her rapidly-changing body.

    Spotted on a shopping trip in Ireland, Minnie cuts a miserable figure as she strolls along Dublin's Grafton Street. Scroll down for more...
    Glum: A comfortably-dressed Minnie Driver fails to raise a smile on the streets of Dublin

    Despite splurging in the Armani concession at swish department store Brown Thomas, the 38-year-old brunette failed to get a retail high.

    In contrast to her recent glamorous appearances, the solitary star appeared to dress with comfort in mind as she walked along in green combats, black macintosh and Ugg boots.

    Perhaps she is missing the baby's father Craig Zolezzi, who is thousands of miles away in LA with his son Caden.

    Multi-talented Minnie, who is expecting her first child in August, is currently in musician mode on tour in Europe and Hawaii, after she recently finished filming a new season of her TV series The Riches.

    She arrived in the Emerald Isle last week for launch a fund-raising initiative for the 2008 Target Breast Cancer Ireland Campaign. Scroll down for more...
    Shopping trip: Minnie Driver eyes some Armani purchases in a Dublin department store

    Covering up her baby bump with a black coat, Minnie made sure all eyes were on her Diane Von Furstenberg tote bag, which raises money for the cancer appeal.

    Minnie recently admitted her appetite had been much smaller than she expected and the only pregnancy craving she had experienced was a love of olives.

    She said: "I haven't wanted to eat as much food as I think I want to eat.

    "I'm not as hungry as everyone told me I'd be.

    "Only olives. That's all I really dream about. I dream about enormous olives."

    Minnie announced her pregnancy on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last month.
    After refusing to announce the baby's father, her relationship with Zolezzi was exposed by U.S. magazine Life & Style.

    Why so miserable Minnie? The mother-to-be cuts an unhappy figure in Dublin | the Daily Mail

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    I think she just looks thoughtful-not grumpy!
    It must be cool-ish there. Most pregnant people don't need a coat.
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    The Jaw! And people talk about Rumer Willis, that thing looks like Jay Leno's cousin.

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    Yeah, her chin looks like it's retaining water.

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    i don't think she looks miserable. at all. she looks like normal people do walking down the street, unless i'm the weird one and we're supposed to walk around with clown grins glued to our faces like those dumb hollywood bimbos that stage 'candid' pap pictures of them out and about looking lobotomised.
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    She just looks like anyone else except maybe a little pissed at having her pic taken.
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    She doesn't look miserable about being pregnant.
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