Friday, April 25th 2008
This Isn't Funny

I am not laughing right now. This is obviously a cruel joke. E!'s Kristin is reporting that Hilary Duff has been offered one of the lead roles in the Beverly Hills 90210 remake. Excuse me while I find a baby pigeon to kick.
Hilary has reportedly been offered the role of Annie Mills. Annie is a Beverly Hills High student who is into theater and desperately wants to be accepted by the alternative crowd. She also has an adopted brother named Dixon. This role is believed to be the "Brenda Walsh" of the show. Do you hear that? It's me screaming.
Why do the producers of 90210 hate me so much? Not only do they want to bring back Kelly instead of Brenda, but now they are going to do this to me?
This Isn't Funny | Dlisted