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Thread: Incarcerated Pete Doherty misses his blood-spattered art launch

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    Default Incarcerated Pete Doherty misses his blood-spattered art launch

    A exhibition of Pete Doherty's bloody paintings launched in Paris yesterday - with the notable absence of the so-called artist himself.

    The troubled singer, 29, missed his shining moment at the Chappe Gallery in the Montmartre district of the French capital because he is currently incarcerated at Wormwood Scrubs for breaching his probation terms.

    People say what constitutes art is up to the individual and it will certainly be up for discussion whether those in the art world take Doherty's gruesome creations seriously.

    The controversial exhibition contains 30 paintings by Doherty, using his own blood as well as the more traditional art instruments of pencils and paintbrushes. Scroll down for more...
    Bizarre: A so-called artwork includes a photograph of Pete Doherty with the baffling initials S.K., V.I.C., a Star of David and a swastika

    The Babyshambles singer has been using his own blood to create art for several years now.

    Bringing a new meaning to the term needlework is Doherty's signature in his own blood, complete with one of his needles.

    Among his pieces include gory illustrations of his former girlfriend Kate Moss. Scroll down for more...
    Tribute to a lost love: Pete uses his blood and coloured pencils to recreate the famous features of his ex Kate Moss

    One blood and pencil image of the supermodel, entiled 'Miss Moss reclines', shows her topless lying on a sofa.

    On the page, Doherty has written ramblings about their tumultuous relationship, including the words "harmonious in love", "a kick off is hinted at. She's not been tetchy at all then... only firing up my heart," and "inspiring and exciting my soul".

    Another image of his former love includes a bloody replica on a black and white image of the model, with more scribbled sentences from the lovelorn rocker. Scroll down for more...
    Needlework: Pete Doherty signed his name in blood from one of his needles

    "Oh mistress divine" and "so distressed am I" are among the desperate words of Doherty to his love.

    Perhaps Doherty is selling off the artwork in a bid to rid himself of reminders of his ex-girlfriend. The couple split last year after a rocky on/off romance and Moss is now dating another musician, Jamie Hince.

    But not all of Doherty's art involves human material - one piece uses a photograph of the topless singer drinking which is covered with ink scrawls of mysterious initials, a Star of David and a swastika

    Unfortunately for Doherty, he will miss the whole exhibition - which runs until May 11th - because he is currently behind bars. Scroll down for more...
    'Ms Moss Reclines': This odd painting includes ramblings about the couple's torrid romance

    Doherty was jailed on April 8th for three and a half months because of repeated failure to take court-ordered drugs tests.
    He was given a drugs treatment and testing order for offences of possessing drugs including heroin, crack cocaine, cannabis and ketamine.
    Doherty, who has convictions for assault, possessing a flick-knife and numerous driving and drug offences, has appeared in court more than 15 times since 2004.
    Jailed: Pete Doherty is taken into police custody earlier this month

    Is this the most disgusting art exhibition ever? Incarcerated Pete Doherty misses his blood-spattered art launch | the Daily Mail

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    Look how sad he is in the last photo.

    Disgusting but fascinating.

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    Way to encourage the addict to stop shooting up. Good job guys!

    This man is disgusting!

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    wait.. he's finally in JAIL?!
    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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    He looks dead in the last picture. A walking corpse.

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    His art is so disgusting that he must qualify for some kind of government grant.

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