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Thread: Chris Tucker faces 'Deadbeat Dad' claims

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    Default Chris Tucker faces 'Deadbeat Dad' claims

    Chris Tucker Faces 'Deadbeat Dad' Claims

    Comedian Chris Tucker is facing a legal battle with a woman who claims he is the "deadbeat father' of her two-year-old daughter. Gail Webb is demanding child support payments from the 35-year-old comedian, claiming the pair dated for years before he disappeared as soon as they discovered she was pregnant with little Krista Jane.
    She says, "I just want help with Krista and want her to know her father. If Chris Tucker wants to go to court, I welcome the opportunity to show the world what a big liar - and deadbeat father - he really is."
    But the Rush Hour 3 star maintains he has never even met his accuser. His representative tells the National Enquirer, "Chris has never met or had a child with Gail Webb. And he has never seen the court papers."

    Chris Tucker Faces 'Deadbeat Dad' Claims - Starpulse Entertainment News Blog
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    She sounds like a nut. This should be on Montel. I love those DNA shows. "You are not the father, and you are not the father." And the girl looks all sheepish like she's trying to figure out who else could be the father, those especially crack me up.

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    ^OMG, I saw on one episode that a young woman had 36 men tested, and NONE of them were the father! She had a beautiful baby girl, too.
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