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NEW YORK A former mental patient accused of stalking Uma Thurman says the NYPD told him he could go home as soon as he answered questions about trying to contact the actress.

Jack Jordan says police picked him up when he went to get his paycheck on the Lower East Side. But instead of sending him home after speaking to him, police read him his rights and charged him with stalking.

Jordan testified at a pre-trial hearing Thursday in Manhattan's state Supreme Court.

His lawyer is trying to have Jordan's statements to police thrown out -- and accuses the police of making improper promises to persuade Jordan to talk.

Thurman -- who has starred in "Pulp Fiction" and the "Kill Bill" movies -- is expected to testify next week.
Jordan's a cunning bastard who originally contacted Uma's father, Buddhist scholar, author, and lecturer Robert Thurman, feigning an interest in spirituality, as a means of getting to Uma.