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Thread: Sandra Bullock develops line of eco-friendly candles

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    Default Sandra Bullock develops line of eco-friendly candles

    Sandra Bullock Develops Line Of Eco-Friendly Candles

    Actress Sandra Bullock is doing her bit to save the environment, by launching a range of eco-friendly candles. The actress unveiled her wax creations on an episode of Oprah Winfrey's talk show, which aired on Tuesday-- Earth Day.
    She revealed how she developed the line of candles using soy wax, after learning all about the chemicals that are normally used in their production.
    She explained, "I started researching and you find out about lead wicks and chemicals in your candles. (Soy wax) is a renewable resource."
    And Bullock is so happy with her new hobby, she joked that it could provide her with a second career: "(It's) something to fall back on.

    Sandra Bullock Develops Line Of Eco-Friendly Candles - Starpulse Entertainment News Blog
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    Does every celebrity HAVE to have their own product line? Sheesh! There are already soy wax candles that are pretty damn good.

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    Actress Sandra Bullock is doing her bit to save the environment
    Yeah, by slapping her name on a prodcut for more money, just like any other celeb. Marketing soy candles isn't really going to help her save the environment, not after all the packaging is placed on it, and it's shipped using trucks with high emission levels all over the country.
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