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Thread: Anna Nicole Smith's mother sues websites

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    Default Anna Nicole Smith's mother sues websites

    Anna Nicole Smith's Mother Sues Websites

    Anna Nicole Smith's mother Virgie Arthur is suing internet gossip site, alleging its bloggers spread lies about her and damaged her chances of landing custody of her granddaughter Dannielynn. Arthur filed a complaint against and three other celebrity bloggers at a Texas state court on Monday.
    She is angry about a story published online last April, claiming Arthur had a relationship with her stepbrother. TMZ have yet to comment on the lawsuit.
    Lyndal Harrington, one of accused bloggers, told she was shocked at the lawsuit and is finding it "hard to find an attorney to stand up for (her) First Amendment rights".

    Anna Nicole Smith's Mother Sues Websites - Starpulse Entertainment News Blog
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    Does this woman really need custody, anyway?

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    I'd rather see DannieLynn with Larry Brikhead than this vacuous pusbag.
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    Oink oink!

    As if she was ever going to get custody anyway.

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