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Thread: Geri Halliwell takes new man on double-date with George Michael and his boyfriend

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    Default Geri Halliwell takes new man on double-date with George Michael and his boyfriend

    Geri Halliwell's burgeoning romance with dancer Ivan 'Flipz' Velez is continuing across the Atlantic after the Spice Girl brought him home to London.

    The new loves first went public as a couple at the American Idol Gives Back 2008 event in Hollywood two weeks ago.

    Geri flew back to London with daughter Bluebell Madonna two days later, but it appears the ouple couldn't bear to be separated and Flipz, 29, has flown from his U.S. base to the British capital to be with his new girlfriend. Scroll down for more...
    Going strong: Gery Halliwell with new man Flipz at London's San Carlo restaurant on Monday night

    Obviously thrilled to be reunited, the pair appear to be going strong, and what better way to show your commitment than introducing a new partner to your friends?
    Geri was spotted out last night enjoying a double date with close pal George Micheal and long-standing boyfriend Kenny Goss.
    People have already commented on the resemblance between the 44-year-old former Wham! star and "Flipz", who was a dancer on the Spices' world tour.
    Last night a spy in the restaurant joked: "George and Ivan sat opposite each other, but thought they were looking into a mirror, so had to move."
    He added: "During the dinner, Geri was kissing her boyfriend and doing a dance which entertained fellow diners." Ivan was apparently clutching a doggy bag as he left - not a good look if you're as scruffy as he is.
    The couples dined at London's swanky San Carlo restaurant as Geri swapped her baggy jeans and hooded top for a more sophisticated look, after a romantic bike ride around Hampstead Heath earlier on in the day. Scroll down for more...
    They were joined by best friend George Michael and boyfriend Kenny Goss

    The 35-year-old singer showed off her 1,500 Safire Comp mountain bike as she cycled through the north London beauty spot.

    However, critics will be quick to notice Geri's lack of safety headwear, with the pop star preferring to wear an LA baseball cap souvenir from her recent trip to California.

    After working up a sweat on the bikes, the couple returned to Geri's Hampstead home, where an Itsu sushi delivery man was waiting with the couple's lunch. Scroll down for more...
    Cycle of love: A besotted Geri is thrilled to be united with new beau Flipz in Hampstead Heath, London yesterday afternoon

    The pair met in 2001, when Puerto Rican Velez was entrusted with the task of catching an airborne Geri during her rendition of It's Raining Men, and then became close while working together on the Spice Girls reunion concerts this year.

    Flipz, who is fluent in Spanish, has danced in movies Honey, You Got Served, Spider-Man III, and Be Cool.

    He was also in the Guinness Book of Records in 2003 for the most headspins - 132.

    At 5'6", he is a perfect height for diminutive Geri, who stands at 5'2".

    Flipz is Geri's first serious relationship for several years. She has previously been linked to comedian David Walliams, Robbie Williams and scriptwriter Sacha Gervasi, who is believed to be the father of her 23-month-old daughter Bluebell.
    Spice up your love life: After a romantic cycle on the Heath, the new couple head back to Geri's home for sushi

    New couple: Geri and 'Flipz' went public with their romance two weeks ago

    Geri takes new man on double-date with George Michael and his boyfriend | the Daily Mail

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    what's with the spice girls and their cheesy dancers?
    I'm open to everything. When you start to criticise the times you live in, your time is over. - Karl Lagerfeld

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    whats with george micheals teeth

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