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Thread: Gail O'Grady owes a lot of money

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    Default Gail O'Grady owes a lot of money

    Casinos to "NYPD Blue" Star: You Crap, You Pay

    Posted Apr 21st 2008 2:00PM by TMZ Staff
    Apparently Gail O'Grady is an expert in cards, because she's jacked two Vegas Casinos around, at least according to legal documents.

    Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino and Bally's/Paris Las Vegas filed paperwork in U.S. Bankruptcy court, claiming the "NYPD" star owes them a fortune. According to documents, O'Grady, who has filed for bankruptcy, owes Caesars $160,000 in gambling debts and owes Bally's $75,000. Both joints want to make sure the bankruptcy judge doesn't let Gail O off the hook.

    According to the National Enquirer, O'Grady owes big bucks to casinos, credit cards, the IRS, her mortgage company as well as to family, friends and "colleagues."

    O'Grady admits she took out the gambling loans, but claims the casinos knew her financial situation and knowingly threw caution to the wind.

    Gail's reps had no comment.

    Casinos to "NYPD Blue" Star: You Crap, You Pay -
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    Hmm, blaming her gambling problems on the casino's I see. Didn't I hear something similar happen not too long ago?

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    Yeah Gail, it's the casino's fault you gambled more than you could afford. Now, just because you don't want to pay it back it's the casino's fault. I don't think they begged you to come gamble, which by the way, you apparently aren't good at.

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    Sounds like somebody has some big issues. Doesn't she worry some dude named Guido is going to come by her house for a visit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by celeb_2006 View Post
    Hmm, blaming her gambling problems on the casino's I see. Didn't I hear something similar happen not too long ago?
    Yep, it was a female attorney who lost everything due to her gambling addiction. She received help, then decided to sue the casino for a million dollars because they let her gamble.
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    I would think gambling loans would have to be secured...

    Anyway, I would be the worst gambling loan officer ever because I'd tell the sad sack to go home and get some help....

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    What a crock!
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