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Thread: Family members urge Lily Allen to check into rehab

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    Default Family members urge Lily Allen to check into rehab

    Lily Allen Urged To Check Into Rehab By Family

    Lily Allen has reportedly been urged to check into rehab by her concerned family.

    Sources claim they are concerned over the some time singer’s fragile mental state after a grueling six months, which has seen her split from fiancé Ed Simon following a miscarriage and present her own lambasted chat show.

    Allen, who recently peroxided her hair blonde, is said to be taking solace in alcohol, with reports last week suggesting she was ejected from a London club over suspicions of drug use - reports Lilyherself denied.

    A source tells Now magazine, “They all want her to check into rehab. Lily still cries whenever babies are mentioned.

    “She pines for a family one minute and is downing cocktails the next. She's in a very low state and dyeing her hair isn't going to help.”

    entertainment wise

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    She's had a rough time with the miscarriage and all. I hope she listens to her family and doesn't end up like Winehouse.

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    her new single demo is tight as hell though

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    She needs to get her hair back to her dark color first. Then I'll comfort her cute ass.

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    A young celeb is seen out partying and the next story is that she is falling apart, her family is concerned, and rehab is next. Perhaps she has just had an incredibly rough few months and is trying to get out there and have some fun. The drug part would be scary but who knows if that is even true.

    But she needs to so this as a brunette.
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