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Thread: Naomi Campbell boycotts British Airways

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    Default Naomi Campbell boycotts British Airways

    Naomi's Boycott! HA!

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    And the drama continues!
    Naomi Campbell is speaking out about her arrest at Heathrow Airport recently….and how it was all British Airways fault.
    Now she is claiming she will boycott the airline.
    Thank goodness!!! It is now safe again for everyone to fly on BA.
    And, also, how can you boycott someone that was gonna ban you????
    Naomi claims she will no longer fly with BA because of its “complete disrespect for the passengers."
    Riiiiiiiiiiight. Drama Queen!
    Even better, the Diva is claiming that BA no longer wants to ban her from their flights. Instead they are now desperate for her to return.
    Hahahaha. We somehow doubt that!
    In an interview Wednesday with a Brazilian newspaper, Naomi claims that BA pleaded with her to use their planes again but that she would not do so in a stand against the airline.
    Bitch is CRAZY! A crazy and a liar!
    She continues, “Someone from BA called me and asked that I return to fly with them but this will not occur so early. They didn’t find my bag – said it wasn’t in the system – and there was a complete disrespect for the passengers. I am not speaking for myself. I am speaking for all those who have been disrespected.”
    A BA rep responded by saying “We have not confirmed or denied that any passenger has been banned." Though a BA insider then added, “We are not aware of any pleading phone calls to Ms Campbell.”
    We thinks she just wants more publicity.
    We hope Naomi has been keeping up her therapy sessions.
    She needs A LOT of help!

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    She's a delusional psychopath. I suspect that cell phone throwing is mild compared to what she's capable of doing.
    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

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    Sure, it's the AIRLINES' fault that you have an anger management problem, Naomi.

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    In the unlikely circumstances that BA 'offered' her another flight, it's only to tempt her out of Blighty. If she looks carefully, she'll find there's no valid return....
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    My sister flies BA a lot and LOVES them!! She came down with a stomach virus on her last trip and became sick during take-off. You can imagine. The airline staff took her into the breezeway, closed the curtains, helped her clean up, and gave her BA jammies. They were wonderful to her!!

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    Yeah, Naomi, it's totally British Airways fault that you're a raging lunatic who should be in a straightjacket whenever there are other people around.

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    She's boycotting them? Sounds like a win-win to me.

    Can you imagine getting on a plane and finding this lunatic is your seat mate? As if flying isn't stressful enough...

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    Can you really call it a boycott if you have already been banned?

    Isn't it a bit like saying "I quit" just after you've been sacked
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    Well hopefully she will get banned by other major airlines-
    And then she will be forced to travel by the tinbucket airlines

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