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Thread: Shocker of the day: Akon lied about his convict past to sell records

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    Default Shocker of the day: Akon lied about his convict past to sell records


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    Looks like hip hop 'bad boy' Akon has been blowing a lot of smoke up our asses.
    The Smoking Gun has unearthed police, court and corrections records that prove the multi-platinum musician 'created a fictionalized backstory that serves as the narrative anchor for his recorded tales of isolation, violence, woe, and regret. Akon has overdubbed his biography with the kind of grit and menace that he apparently believes music consumers desire from their hip-hop stars.'
    Liar liar pants on fire!
    So, there was no conviction and he wasn't 'locked up' between 1999 and 2002.
    Duped by marketing again, kids!
    The Smoking Gun also expresses shock that the media, and especially the music press, failed to take 'Kon to task on his claim before they did!
    Akon's manager declined the offer to comment on the exaggerated, embellished, and/or wholly fabricated claims SG discovered. His record rep failed to get in touch before the story went to press.
    We're disappointed but not shocked.
    C'mon…we live in a world where we have to ask if what we're watching on TV is reality or 'real' reality!

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    I haven't been so disappointed since A Million Little Pieces!

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