Love Is In The Air

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Love, game, set, hookup!
Tennis sensation Serena Williams is getting quite cozy with hip-hop artist Common.
The pair were spotted last month at a Hollywood nightclub getting very chummy while out clubbing.
This past weekend, the two were club hopping once again, this time in Miami.
Serena and Common were spotted holding hands at a Knight's Head Microbrew party at South Beach's Mokai.
They were also spotted trying to get into Prive Nightclub. Unfortunately for the two, they were denied access. The reason? Common violated the dress code policy since he was wearing shorts.
Oh please, you know if Jay-Z showed up there in daisy dukes, they'd let him in!
Apparently, though, the two are really hitting it off. Common recently said "I'm attracted to women that are strong in the sense of who they are. I like women who have power to them, but can still be ladylike and that have their own dreams."
We give this relationship, 6 months. Max.
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